Use the examples in our portfolio to get a general impression of the 360° virtual tours we offer.

Museum Exhibitions

Our museum exhibition 360° virtual tours are extended with a number of special components. Lots of detail photos and detailed descriptions of the works of art are included, and it is also possible to include exhibition boards. If applicable, it is also possible to listen to the sound of the audio guide.

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Our archaeological projects are extended with photogrammetric survey drawings (floor plans, sections, etc.). It is also possible to present details in a comparative way with raster and vector drawings. We also offer the opportunity to compare condition of the structures before and after restoration.

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Religious Monuments

In our church 360° virtual tours, we complement the panoramic images with detailed photos featuring typical decorations of the buildings, such as frescoes, paintings, coffered ceilings, carvings, capitals, etc. Construction history and detailed description of the frescoes and other decorative elements can be found in the attached scientific documentation.

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