Unesco Award-Winning Product is the only 360° virtual tour provider company awarded with a UNESCO prize.


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Why is our product better than other virtual tours? PDF Print Email

3D Virtual Tour software has a lot of key features, here we list only the most important ones.

  • A lot of photographers simply take standalone panoramic images but they aren't integrated into navigable virtual tours.
  • We provide a unique set of extra features and components to bring life into the panoramas. These features turn panoramic images into virtual tours with a combination of all possible multimedia elements (ie images, texts, audios and videos).
  • Content (texts, videos, audios etc.) is multilingual, any tour can have unlimited languages.
  • Our virtual tours can be extended, updated at any time.
  • Our concurrents don't use automated methods to generate virtual tours, they need manual programming which limits the size of virtual tours and increases the possibility of errors. Since we use our self-developed code generator to create virtual tours, we can create very large virtual tours error-free and very quickly.
  • Although we use a code-generator, we can fulfill extra requirements since we are the developers of the software.
  • The same software is available in both an online and an offline version which can be distributed on DVD-s. The online version supports Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Safari.
  • The CD / DVD version can be distributed in museum shops.