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Budaörs used to have a German population for many centuries living peacefully with other nations. They were however forced to leave Hungary after WWII  and most of their relics were destroyed. The still remaining buildings remind us about the glorious past of this small city close to the capital, Budapest.

This virtual tour was created for the request of the local German Cultural Heritage Museum about all the monuments that are related to the Germans.

The virtual tour includes:

  • Heimatmuseum (German Cultural Heritage Museum)
  • Typical 19th century streets
  • Calvary Hill
  • Köhegy (another hill with a small chapel and caves on top of it)
  • Cemetery with chapel and old gravestones
  • Local parish church

Features of the virtual tour include:

  • Number of panoramic images: 26
  • Languages: 2 (German, Hungarian)
  • Floorplanning inside the museum and the local church
  • Video placed on the TV screen inside the museum
  • Background music (local traditional songs)
  • Possibility to listen to the bells of the church
  • Falling snow effect on winter-time panoramic images of Köhegy
  • Possibility to view the same panoramic image of Köhegy during winter and summer
  • Additional photo galleries (ie.Stations of the Cross, flowers etc.)
  • Textual description of all of the monuments
  • Weather forecast
  • Share on facebook and other social networks
  • Museum item searcher

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