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The Bird Hospital Foundation was registered under no. 1279 on 23.09.1999. in Hortobágy, with its registered address at Petöfi tér 6. The Foundation's goal is primarily the veterinarian treatment of protected birds and their release to freedom in nature following their recovery. In addition to natural damages and infections due to human activities - such as poisoning, damages on highways, poaching, etc. - many birds suffer injuries from which they can be saved under the proper conditions. Get acquainted with the work of the foundation, take part in a real operation of an ill bird, learn interesting details about different species in the exhibition center. All in one: take a 3D Virtual tour of the Bird Hospital and Park.
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Guesthouse Koppány and Forest Adventure Park are located 16km east from Debrecen, near Vámosprécs in the famous picturesque Koppány valley. Take a 3D Virtual tour of the guesthouse and try the largest adventure park of Eastern Hungary.