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Jewels Sahara Virtual Tour


Photography team of spent a travelled back to Egypt in December 2010 to create 3D virtual tours for several clients. One of them was Jewels Sahara Resort.

Number of panoramic images: 50

Languages: English, Russian, Hungarian

List of features:

  • Google maps
  • up-to-date weather forecast
  • artificial fireworks effect is displayed on the night panoramic images
  • Lobby can be viewed both with and without extra Christmas decoration
  • 3D sound effects (sea splashes, singing birds etc.)
  • thematic tabbed menu system
  • additional image galleries can be seen if you click on the zoom icons, these images can also be viewed on the Cooliris 3D wall if Cooliris is installed on your computer
  • each meal of the dinner buffet can be viewed separately
  • set menu is displayed as a real book with turnable pages in Oriental and Italian restaurants
  • the virtual tour can be recommended via Facebook and other networks or shared in email

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