Roman Hall at the Museum of Fine Arts Print
Client: Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest, Hungary
Format: Website

Roman Hall at the Museum of Fine Arts 360° virtual tour

Elaborately covered with colorful murals, this medieval-style cultural space was severely damaged during World War II and has been closed to visitors for seven decades. More than 1,000 liters of preservative and five and a half kilograms of gold sheeting went into the restoration of the century-old Roman Hall at the Museum of Fine Arts. Functioning as a storage place for several decades, this richly decorated attraction was one of the most neglected areas of the museum. Our virtual tour documents this enormous restoration work since panoramic images were taken before and after renovation.


Number of panoramic images: 26

Languages: English, Hungarian

List of features:

  • customized loader logo
  • panorama selector menu
  • additional photos of the frescoes
  • locations photographed both before and after reconstruction
  • photogrammetry, layout plans and section drawings