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Format: on CD for Denkmal 2008 Exhibition
The building in which the Museum of Ethnography is now housed was originally built by Alajos Hauszmann for the Ministry of Justice. As such, its grand style and richly ornamented interior reflect the majestic and powerful place Hungary's government occupied in Europe at the time. This tour focuses only on the building of the museum, exhibition artifacts are not shown by detail.
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Features supported by this 3D Virtual Tour:

  • Panoramic views: 9
  • Navigation: Two maps, arrows, panorama gallery and dropdown.
  • Background music and narration: Both background music and narrator voice for all but one panoramic views.
  • Image info points: a few details of the building are shown using them.
  • Compass: it is displayed in the topleft corner.
  • Video gallery: you can watch videos of the celebration of Hungarian state at Kossuth square (the starting point of the virtual tour)