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Format: on CD for Denkmal 2008 Exhibition
Visegrád palace was built by one of the greatest kings of Hungary, Matthew Hunyadi. The late-gothic palace rebuilt after his marriage with Beatrix from Italy was completely destroyed during the 150 year-long turkish occupation of Hungary, it was excavated during the XX. century. Major reconstruction works started by 2000 and now travellers can admire the palace in its former beauty.
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Features supported by this 3dtour:

  • Panoramic views: 25
  • Navigation: maps, arrows, panorama gallery and dropdown.
  • Background music and narration: both background music and narrator voice in all major rooms. Restricted sound radius of water effect of fountains.
  • Videos: videos can be found in the chapel and exhibition room #1 (models) and #3 (fountains).
  • Scrollable texts: examples are shown in exhibition room #2 and in the chapel.
  • Image info points: all museum artifacts are displayed using this feature.
  • Customized context menu and logo: links to the homepage of the palace museum were added.
  • Lensflare effect: displayed at grand staircase if you look towards sun
  • Book: there is a medieval corvina book to read in room Study on 1st floor. Click on its cover to open it
  • Flash animations, effects: this 3D Virtual Tour supports several animations:
  • Candles: in King's Bedroom (ground level) and in Dining Room (1st floor)
  • Fireplace: in the kitchen (1st floor)
  • Falling leaves: at Queen's Apartments and at Lion Fountain