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Client: KÖH, Denkmal 2010

Format: offline presentation on touchscreen system

Hungarian Medieval Churches in 360°
There are only a handful of medieval churches left in Hungary that were built using bricks. Since the main topic of Denkmal 2010 exhibition in Leipzig, Germany was brick architecture, we tried our best to collect typical examples of this type of architecture. German audience enjoyed the most the abbey in Türje since its exterior looks as if it would have had some connections to the Hanza-brick architecture.

Description of the Church in Türje

One of the earliest Premonstratensian abbey churches, it was built by French masters around 1230 and has remained almost unchanged. Originally Romanesque, it was subsequently refurbished in an early Gothic-Gothic style. In the 16th century the building suffered damage several times and was restored only in the 18th century. The main facade was rebuilt in Baroque style and the porch also received a Baroque frame. It was restored in Neo-gothic style by Kálmán Lux between 1920 and 1921.

Sights of the church include:

  • a stone-framed tabernacle with a wrought iron door from 1478
  • a medieval fresco depicting a scene from the legend of St Ladislaus
  • frescoes in the sanctuary and the Saint Ann chapel painted by Stephan Dorffmeister