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This shrine located in southern-Hungary is an important site of pilgrimage since ancient times. Pope Benedict XVI voted the shrine of Máriagyüd a Basilica Minor state on 24 June, 2008. Do you plan to visit Hungary but have no opportunity to travel to such a remote place? Take a virtual tour of the church right now!


Format: multilingual CD-version (English, German, Croatian and Hungarian) to be sold in shops of the shrine

Notes about the Basilica

The history of the shrine goes back to the Roman age. The busy road connecting Sopianae and Mursa (today Osijek in Croatia) ran under the hill, and the spring there served as a place for a rest for travellers. Next to the spring a statue of Mary was erected, later the Christian Slavs placed an altar of Mary here. The village was named after Gyöd, who was one of the chieftains of the Hungarian tribes arriving here in the 10th century. A chapel was built in the 11th century in honour of Mary. Later it was rebuilt in Gothic style during the 15th century.
The currently visible twin-towered Roman Catholic benedictional church was built in 18th century in baroque style by the Franciscans. The place is a well known place of worship due to the common fulfillments of prayers and the 17th century Maria manifestations.  Pope Pius VII. has declared Máriagyüd an official place of pilgrimage in 1805. East of the devotional church you can find the Holy Well, the water of which was taken home by the pilgrims in the famous jugs of Gyüd. A feast is held here on every Mary's day and on the important religious holidays, i.e. 25-27 times annually. This time the church and its vicinity is visited by many people, the number of which was nearly 500,000 in the past few years.

Features supported by this 3D Virtual Tour:

  • Panoramic views: 6
  • Navigation: maps, arrows, panorama gallery and dropdown
  • Background music, sound effects (birds)
  • Textboxes: Staticly displayed scrollable textboxes
  • Image info points: fine carvings, sculptures, museum artifacts are displayed using this component.
  • Slideshow: fine carvings, sculptures, paintings are displayed using this component.
  • Effects: lensflare