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St. Ann at Batthyány square is a typical baroque church of Budapest having a very finely decorated interior with beautiful altars and frescoes.

Detailed description of the building

The first chapel here was built by Franz Fidler in 1724. The chapel turned out to be too small for the community, Thomas Raspasani a priest in Vizivaros bequeathed all his wealth to get a new church built here in 1718. Another priest named Pretelli was the one who suggested foremost building a new church here, in fact it is his achievement that the church was ready by 1765 without interior furniture. Architect Cristoph Hamon and Matthias Nöpauer were leading the works, the plans seem to be italian. Much of the interior furniture was destroyed in the floodings of 1938, only two of the original 7 side altars survived. The main altar and the altar of the Loretto chapel are original too.