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This project is a result of cooperation of two teams.

  • Photography, photogrammetry (elevations, sections and floor plans): ART'V Mérnöki Iroda (József Vajda József, Ilona Győrfi).
  • Panoramic image post-processing, virtual tour and software development: (Csaba Legány)

The castle of Kisnána was built on the spot of an 11th century rotunda (rounded church) by Kompolti family during the 13th to 15th century. Nowdays the  keep and the tower of the gothic church remind us about the former glory of the building. Restoration and documentation works carried out in 2010 were financed by the EU, one part of this project was to create the first 3D virtual tour ever shot about a Hungarian castle. It not only documents the ongoing restoration process, but also clarifies building history.

Castle in Kisnána



Features of the virtual tour:

  • Number of panoramic images: 15
  • Languages: 2 (English, Hungarian)
  • Additional photos and detailed textual description about each monument of the castle 
  • Visual construction history
  • Zoomable, scaleable maps, floorplans and section drawings
  • Possibility to compare the state of buildings (ruined and reconstruction)
  • Reconstruction video footage

More about the virtual tour in press (Hungarian): Castle in three dimensions