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About the museum

The castle tower in Dunaföldvár is a four-storey rectangular late-Gothic style building dating back to the beginning of the XVI. century. There are only few resources left about it, most important is the description of Turkish traveller Evlia Cselebi stating that it was connected to a mosque of Sultan Suleiman and that four cannons were placed at the highest floor of the tower. After the Turkish-era, the castle tower was converted into a prison. Nowadays the Turkish or Unfinished (Csonka) tower contains a museum exhibition about Kuruc freedom fighters.


Features supported by this 3D Virtual Tour:

  • Panoramic views: 4 (3 in exhibition rooms, 1 in prison)
  • Navigation: maps, arrows, panorama gallery and dropdown.
  • Background music
  • Textboxes: Staticly displayed scrollable textboxes containing basic information about the exhibition
  • Image info points: museum artifacts are displayed using this component. Short title of each item is displayed below the image, if further information is available, a small "i" icon is displayed in the bottom-left corner. You can read about the author of the artifact, its owner or borrower if you click on this icon.
  • Slideshow: museum artifacts are displayed using this component. Pause the slideshow to read further information about each artifact.
  • Museum item searcher: findartifacts by name, type, age etc.