Deir el-Shalib monastery Print
Client: Archaeologocal Mission of Wadi Hulat-Hadshit
Format: CD for archaeological documentation

Deir el-Shalib 360° Virtual Tour


This project is a result of cooperation of two teams.

  • Photography, photogrammetry (elevations, sections and floor plans): ART'V Mérnöki Iroda (József Vajda József, Ilona Győrfi).
  • Panoramic image post-processing, virtual tour and software development: (Csaba Legány)

Due to the ongoing Syrian crisis, the Hungarian archaeological team decided to continue its work in Lebanon to survey a ruined Christian monastery in Deir el-Shalib. This new project involved 360° panoramic photography and photogrammetry (maps, floor plans, elevation and section drawings) as well.


Number of panoramic images: 12

Languages: English, Hungarian. Planned: Arabic and French

List of features:

  • Customized loader logo
  • Panorama selector menu
  • Background music
  • Multi-level navigation system between floorplans
  • Zoomable and scaleable maps, floorplans
  • Comparable elevation and section drawings
  • Documentation of the frescoes in detail

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