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Archaeological documentation
Margat (Al-Marqab) castle PDF Print Email
Client: Syro – Hungarian Archaeological Mission (SHAM)
Format: archaeological documentation

Margat (Al-Marqab) castle 360° Virtual Tour

This project is a result of cooperation of two teams.

  • Photography, photogrammetry (elevations, sections and floor plans): ART'V Mérnöki Iroda (József Vajda József, Ilona Győrfi).
  • Panoramic image post-processing, virtual tour and software development: (Csaba Legány)

A few years ago a Hungarian archeological team discovered very important medieval frescoes in the chapel of the crusader castle in Margat, Syria. These unique frescoes depict the scenes of punishment in hell and they are actually the largest frescoes ever discovered of such kind. Our task was to document this medieval treasure and the ongoing excavation and reconstruction works during 2010 and 2011. The final product, the Margat castle 360° virtual tour was completed in 2012 and rebuilt as a modern HTML5 virtual tour in 2021.


Number of panoramic images: 14

Languages: English, Hungarian