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St. Stephen's Basilica is named after is named for Saint Stephen I of Hungary, the first King of Hungary. Explore all details of the largest church in Budapest using this virtual tour. You can enjoy the fascinating panorama of Budapest from the top of the tallest church in Pest.


Format: website (only in Hungarian), multilingual CD-version (English, Hungarian, German) for sale in shop of Basilica


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Notes about the Basilica

The architectural style of the Basilica is mostly neoclassical; it has a Greek-cross floorplan. It is the largest church in Budapest about 8500 people can get in and it occupies 4147 square metres.  We have made a complete virtual tour about the building, you can visit any chapel, the treasury or tomb of famous football player Puskás. Don't forget to climb up to the top of the dome to enjoy 360°panorama of Budapest.

Features supported by this 3D Virtual Tour:

  • Panoramic views: 38
  • Navigation: maps, arrows, panorama gallery and dropdown.
  • Maps: Yahoo map for exterior navigation, 3 different floorplans for interiors
  • Background music, sound effects (fountain in vestry)
  • Textboxes: Staticly displayed scrollable textboxes
  • Image info points: fine carvings, sculptures, museum artifacts are displayed using this component.
  • Slideshow: fine carvings, sculptures, museum artifacts are displayed using this component.
  • Effects: lensflare, burning candle