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How do you make panoramic pictures? Do you make them on your own?

Yes, we have specialized at panoramic photography and usually take the pictures on our own. However we can use pictures of other photographers if they are of right quality.
The process of creating virtual tours is the following:

1. First source images are taken for each 360° panorama

2. Source images are composed to 360° panoramas

3. All multimedia elements (images, floorplans, texts, audios, videos etc.) are collected and combined with panoramic images to form virtual tours

4. Virtual tours are generated error-free


I have already heard about Virtual tours, what is the difference?

There are several vendors who create so called virtual tours, most of them lack the support of maps, audio, video and multilingual contents, in fact they offer panoramic pictures with some sort of basic navigation. 3dtour is much more, it is an integrated multimedia solution.


What are the hosting requirements of 3dtour?

Online version can be hosted on both Linux and Windows-based servers, 3dtour uses small xml files to store any data, database support is not required.