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Two very important features were added to 3dtour: zoomable image information points and object panoramas. 

Zoom in!

We have rewritten the image information point and the slideshow components to add a new feature: zoomability. From now on, you can zoom images of these components and have a look at details of paintings, sculptures in a museum etc.

360 object VR, object panoramas

3Dtour supports object panoramas to rotate objects in the 3D world or to allow users to walk around objects. Object panoramas have a different concept than classic panoramas. Panoramic images show a snapshot of the real world taken from a single point. Object panoramas allow you to rotate an object or to walk around an object and see how it looks from different viewpoints. This component allows to add object panoramas into virtual tours. If you click on a small image placed in the 3D world, an object panorama belonging to it gets displayed. It is possible to rotate an object automatically but you can also rotate it manually to select the viewpoint you exactly want to see. Especially museum artifacts can be displayed using this method.