Matthias Church Exhibition in Budapest History Museum Drucken
Client: Budapest History Museum (BTM)
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Matthias Church Exhibition 360° virtual tour

The Budapest History Museum has joined forces recently with the Matthias Church to bring visitors a grandiose dual exhibition about the profound history of the Buda Castle Coronation Church of Our Lady. Among various objects the exhibition contains a generous sampling of the enormous collection of architectural drawings dating back to the time of the great 19th-century reconstruction. The exhibition, entitled Matthias Church – Centuries in the Church of Our Lady in Buda Castle, is the most monumental historical project in the history of the Budapest History Museum.

The exhibition has a separate section dedicated to the 19th century ornamental decoration and wall paintings of the church in an upstairs gallery. One of the main attractions of the exhibit is probably the vast plaster model that Frigyes Schulek made for the Matthias Church: though it was damaged during the Second World War, it is still a marvellous relic of the history of Hungarian architecture.

Our 360° virtual tour provides a detailed analysis of the history of the church by showing lots of museum items with detailed descriptions.


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